welcome to spectrum animal services, providing animal reiki in greater lexington ky

      my name is sarah smith, and i am a certified level II reiki practitioner. i have been an animal lover, owner, and friend my entire life.  for the last twenty years, i have worked in the equine industry, and in 2004, i relocated to central kentucky.  i am a division manager for a large equine breeding facility outside of lexington, ky.  i have had much experience on the patient end of alternative therapies, and have utilized many of the services available here in my work. i experienced reiki for the first time, seeking relief from a painful and chronic problem in my foot. i wasn't sure what to expect, so i was shocked at the complete absence of pain the day after my treatment! at that moment, i decided to investigate this reiki a little further... all of my personal research confirmed the benefits of reiki healing, and i set a goal to become certified myself. i am now a level II practitioner, and give reiki treatments to both humans and animals. naturally, my area of practice centers around animals, although owners are more than welcome to schedule for treatments as well.

what is reiki, anyway?

reiki is a healing therapy that infuses the body with vital universal energy... it is gentle, and potent. it is effective for pain, both acute and chronic... it  boosts the immune system, and can  enhance athletic condition. also, reiki gives emotional healing in addition to physical healing.
     i would encourage anyone to do some independent  research into the benefits of reiki... i will post links soon as i continue development of the website.

some everyday scenarios that could greatly benefit from reiki:

  • chronic conditions, such as arthritis or navicular
  • illness support
  • post-surgical recovery
  • moving locations (such as a new home, farm, or stable)
  • easing a pet's transition
  • recovery phase of an acute injury
  • coping with the loss of a member of the family (furred member or skinned member)
  • stress-related problems associated with a demanding show or competition season
  • horses that are 'hard doers"
  • broodmares experiencing reproductive problems
  • equine athletes that wash out after a long show
  • orphaned puppies, kittens, foals, lambs, kids, etc...